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It's all shapeshifters, albinos, and gingers. I'm serious, I'm not even exaggERATING.


i highly recommend looking through here, this is 99% of my inspiration.




hi im back

Journal Entry: Wed May 27, 2015, 2:28 AM
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I've got a new computer that I'm desperately trying to get used to and I'm slowly trying to sink back into my art process again.
It's surprisingly a lot harder than I thought it would be. It might have more to do with my general outlook than on the computer though. I actually really hate myself right now. : ))))

The thing that really psychs me out about this computer is that the colors are just so vivid???????????? Like?? Deviantart is now fucking GREEN for me, on my old computer it was borderline grey.... and like. It was almost unbearable how vivid everything was at first so we really had to mess around with the color settings to get it to look more like how the colors did on my old computer. Not only that, but re-installing SAI was a lot harder than I intended it to be. I made it more difficult for myself than it needed to be but mostly everything has been sorted out.

The most I'm really lacking atm is a god damn assload of references for art, anxiety/depression, etc. that I had stored away in my bookmarks in my old browser. Sadly, they did not make it during the file transfer due to a power source interruption on my old computer. Actually, the funny thing is that it caused a majority of my files to be corrupted. I have an entire pictures folder with mostly nothing except this image of Robert Downey Jr.  I am not even joking, here is a screencap. This is a really real thing that happened to me and at first I was devastated. But then I realized everything was safely zipped up and stored in a zip folder, safe and not corrupted, thankfully.

This has honestly been the most stressful thing i've had to deal with this year, I am not enjoying this at all. I wish this were easier. Tbh I felt a little happier when I didn't have a computer for a few weeks.
But I guess that's just the way things are, huh?

Anyway, if you have any art reference links for like poses, or COLOR THEORY, or maybe some helpful INSPIRATION or if you have any convenient ways in which i can effectively BANG MY HEAD AGAINST A BRICK WALL, then please send them my way. I would really appreciate it, thank you.

oh also please check out this super cool drawing of Sugilite I colored!!!
Sugilite by Imperius-Rex

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Robin by Gasara Ask me before you use my work.
(♀) she/her
I like birds and beautiful people, and I am sad most of the time. I'm really anxious. I'm a gigantic inclusive feminist, socialist democrat.

Art-wise, I enjoy the human anatomy, character design/interpretation and clothing design. I do dabble in writing. If you're into the metaphysical and cute boys with wings, I'm sure I could hook you up with some of my writings. :eyes:

if it takes me a while to reply to ur thing, it's because i don't know how to reply or i'm too anxious to reply. it's definitely not ur fault.

:iconimperius-rex: is my boyfriend and he is amazing go say hi to hIM OR ELSE.

i don't care about llamas.

t༼ ຈل͜ຈ༽ށ u 'avin a giggle there, m8? i'll fuck ur shit up, i sware on me mum.
(•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) blind to your bullshit.
シ the fuck did u say m8

Feminist by DametoraAperture Science Stamp by UnionPacific4012CompanionCube by LeoLeonardo


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here's a stupid gif


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I can't wait for 101 Dalmatians to come out on Blu-ray so I can watch that one scene where all the dogs start barking and it goes on into the countryside and that one really big dog barks louder than all the others.
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